We focus on your business, developing strategies and technologies that showcase your organization’s capabilities and, ultimately, add value.

Clients seek answers to complex questions such as:

  • How can we align our new technology with our organizational strategy?
  • How can we develop and implement an enterprise-wide application to achieve outcomes and surpass competition?
  • How can we optimize our application portfolio to best utilize our resources and meet our client’s needs?
  • We need to drive better performance – how can we raise the bar with our existing assets?

If you’re a leader charged with answering these types of questions, we can help.


Project Leadership

Our consultants will lead your technology project from start to finish, carrying out the complete life cycle using methodologies designed for your unique situation. This could include Agile, rapid, RUP – to name a few – and we will work with you from the strategizing and development stages through to successful execution. Learn More →

Strategy Consulting

Challenging technology questions in today’s business require specialized knowledge that provides actionable advice on tactics and planning that genuinely adds value. A.R. Murray focuses on your fundamental business and potential opportunities. Learn More →

Interim Management

During times of organizational change or transition, you may require an experienced executive to bring fresh perspective, fill knowledge gaps, and meet your particular technology issue or challenge. A.R. Murray can provide cost-effective executive level interim managers to suit your need. Learn More →

Management Education

When you engage in the process of change, training and education become important parts of completing the transformation. Ask us about our specialized training services, which we provide on-site in workshops/seminars or on a one-to-one basis. Learn More →

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