Strategy Consulting

A.R. Murray strategists will develop the technology solution that’s right for you and your organization.

In our highly competitive, globalized economy, organizations and their leaders must consider both short and long term goals; how potential actions and reactions will be implemented; and how these will affect their company’s bottom line. The questions business leaders face today can be very complex:

  • Will creating and executing a new enterprise technology give our organization a competitive advantage?
  • How should we invest our capital resources — in a particular technology change or in the implementation of a new technology process?
  • Which is the best method to resolve critical business processes that clearly need overhauling?
  • Will the expense of a new technology connect with the necessary clients, add value to the customer experience, and ultimately develop the business?

Challenging questions like these cannot be resolved by taking a standard approach. Nor can they be answered by a technically elegant solution that provides no value to the client. These types of approaches are typical attempts to reduce costs without any real appreciation of your business. In contrast, A.R. Murray strategy consultants focus on your actual business and potential opportunities arising from business fundamentals such as market segmentation, product planning, and competitive analyses.

Our strategic consulting process involves:

  • Analysis of the strategic issue(s) and or problem(s)
  • Statement of possible scenarios
  • Assessment of risks involved
  • Creation of structure for managing various risks
  • Guidance in choosing direction that offers greatest potential reward

Our strategy consultants offer guidance on a range of subjects that connect technology with business and vice versa, including product innovation, marketing efforts, and price strategy as well as customer intimacy, service configuration, and staging customer experience.

We provide you with a practical framework that you can execute; you gain in terms of sustainable results and organizational growth.