Interim Management

During times of organizational change or transition you may require an expert manager to fill knowledge gaps and bring a fresh perspective.

A.R. Murray’s Interim Managers are available to bring expert knowledge to your organization during times of transition:

  • Launching a new technology and seeking an experienced executive who can take up the reins with immediacy and knowledge?
  • Researching a new technology process or system but lack the human resources at the executive level to tackle such a project?
  • Are you engaged in planning a start-up, due diligence in anticipation of a sale or IPO and require an experienced manager who can perform all the necessary tasks required to meet your deadline?

With these kinds of questions to answer, you need a management executive who can supervise and drive your transition or challenge to a positive conclusion.

There are many reasons to consider an Interim Manager instead of a full-time executive employee: there’s less risk as there are no recruiting and hiring costs. Moreover, other costs, such as training, orientation, and severance, can be saved or eliminated.