Adam Murray

A.R. Murray clients describe Adam Murray as a creative and intelligent problem solver who is passionate about technology and business. With extensive experience in designing and implementing custom-tailored systems, tools, and processes that enhance business, he offers strategic insights and astute project leadership to resolve critical technology and business challenges.

Mr. Murray has a deep understanding of, and respect for, the bottom line of his clients. This ensures that he is driven not only to succeed but also to provide solutions that really work, to meet strategic objectives and to deliver outstanding results. As the principal of A.R. Murray, he has provided project leadership and strategic management on a variety of large-scale projects in North America and Europe.

In addition to his consulting work, Mr. Murray is an active public speaker presenting lectures and workshops on numerous technology and project management issues. He is particularly enthusiastic about the intersection of business and technology, on a variety of issues in the field of Project Leadership, and in the areas of Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship.
Before establishing A.R. Murray, Mr. Murray held a variety of leadership roles including Project Leader, Chief Information Officer, Solutions, and Software Architect on numerous enterprise-wide projects in both the private and public sectors in Canada.

Mr. Murray holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Ottawa and an MBA from Queen’s School of Business.