Entrepreneurship for Engineers

It was an absolute treat to deliver this lecture on Business Models and Lean Startups with uOttawa Engineers and Computer Scientists!

This (abridged) video covers the vital entrepreneurship topics for our times: business model generation, lean startup methodology, customer development, competition and the pitch. Maybe next time, we will tackle distribution on a deeper level, along with the topic of equity.

The tools of entrepreneurship instill our engineers with a unique and important capability: personally, it prevents stagnation and promotes growth ; professionally, we depend on innovation for our future.

JOIN the conversation – post your questions and thoughts to the comments, tweet to me or use the hashtag #uOttawaLean.

And by all means, please share this with your friends and colleagues! They may thank you for it!

You are always welcome to reach out and contact me.

Hope you enjoy!

  • Rob Townsend

    Inspiring lecture. Poignant and timely. Thanks for posting.

    • http://armurray.com Adam Murray

      Hi Rob, thank you for your comment; I appreciate knowing my lecture is on the right track. Please feel free to share any questions you may have!

  • Ms. Townsend

    Hello Adam – Rob tipped me to your video, very nice work! Just a suggestion, maybe splitting the video up into topical chapters would let viewers decide where to invest their time. Loved the message and the superb visuals! You’re a master storyteller!

    • http://twitter.com/ARMurrayExecs Adam Murray

      Much appreciated, Ms. Townsend! A few people have been asking about chapters, good idea, working on it!

  • Vincent Maliko

    Inspiring indeed there’s a couple of books I’ll be reading after this presentation lol. I agree with spliting the video into topical chapters which makes it easy for me to remember where to jump to when revisioning it although the animations help remembering I’m visual ;) Great presentation

    • http://twitter.com/ARMurrayExecs Adam Murray

      Thanks, Vincent – This summer, I’m forming a group to execute some of the ideas in TSOM; as an enterprising young man, you may wish to join!

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